Saturday, March 29, 2014

Being a Good Samaritan. Giving hope to someone who needs it.

I am still battling on my quest of being a Good Samaritan. Still trying to give hope to someone who truly needs it. I understand that everyone faces trials and tribulation once in a while, but this single Mother has been through hell and back. From financial issues to health issues, and even parenting issues. I pray for her every night. I started this blog trying my best to show her there is a light at the end of the tunnel. So far I haven't had any success, but I will continue to try. I will not quit until I give this woman hope and faith. I need her to see that this World isn't a cold and evil place. I am aware that not every day will be a good one, but every once in a while everybody deserves a break. I am here once again just asking that if you stumble upon this page. Please read it, share it, and pass it on. It would be extremely appreciated, and your good deeds will not go unnoticed. I just wanted to thank you, and say I wish you all the best.


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